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Posted on Oct 22, 2020

Kim Taylor's Holistic Skincare & Wellness Studio an Exclusive Private Studio

It's Total Transformation Moments ....... Its Amazingly Life changing!! It's Mindfulness Fit Dance for Stress Relief!!

"Mindfulness Fit Dance as Moving Meditation for Stress Relief!" Reminds me that mindfulness is not just sitting in meditation ~ it can be active and engaging. It is not “not thinking,” it is not “just paying attention,” but it is paying attention in a different way. It is focusing entirely on the present moment, and doing the current task as if it is the only thing to be done!!!!!

For me It is totally a body awareness meditation ~ for a full 60 minutes, my mind is completely focused on every one of the meditative movements of my body. I am aware of the coordination of the muscles and the bones of my feet, ankles, and legs as I engage in every step - my position and space, so I don’t fall or bump into anything! I l complete a class feeling refreshed and energized. Dancing without struggle but deliberately and Mindfully...

Someone once said.... , “There’s just something about dance. It’s like a primal thing in all of us.” I think that's a true statement.

Have you tried Mindfulness Fitness Dance? It's a must DO!!!!

Ask me about it here!!! I can hardly wait to chat with you here!!!!!
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